Surjewala targets 'Gujarat model' on children's deaths

Paradoxically his celebration boss Rahul Gandhi continues on a number of events sought to shield social press and accused that the central administration of supposedly controlling it.  On Tuesday, Surjewala himself had been identified questioning precisely the exact same.
Surjewala tweeted:"very first 1235 harmless kiddies expired in Rajkot, 375 kiddies expired in Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad.  Fourteen a lot more naive deaths at the past five times.  Where's Vijay Rupani, the mind of Modi's'Gujarat version' lacking?"

State Congress incharge Rajiv Satav experienced mentioned:"When would the Prime Minister and the Home Minister will violate their silence over the fatalities of children, even whilst they feature job in Gujarat."

Early in the day, the Congress slammed on the BJP to its passing of kiddies at Rajkot and Ahmedabad Hospitals at Gujarat at which significantly more than 200 babies have expired in both physicians.
However, Surjewala failed to cease there.  He moved onto teach firearms in the press requesting,"Together with all the BJP's silent, the press is likewise quiet, exactly what will be the motives:"

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