West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar shown black flags by Jadavpur University students

"Media such cases ought to center on general public wellbeing too and indicate that pupil pursuits cannot be put into peril," he explained in an succession of tweets.

"A debilitating scenario the Jadavpur college vicechancellor is unaware intentionally of their duties and searching for alibis.  He's presiding the entire meltdown of this principle of the law.  The ruinous condition of events," he explained.
But on Monday too, when Dhankar attained the college that he had been exhibited black flags together with posters scanning'BJP activist Mr Jagdeep Dhankar return straight back'.  As a result of demonstration, Dhankhar stayed indoors his auto for a period since he was unable to escape from his motor vehicle.
"The range of the obstructing is around half an hour.  The technique has been kept hostage and people who enjoined together with all the duty are somewhat unaware in their duties.  A meltdown which may simply result in abrupt impacts.  Principle of law will be in sight.  As inherent thoughts worried," he explained.

Even the Governor mentioned 50 individuals have blocked his strategy into the place, including the machine has been getting held hostage and people who propounded together with all the duty are somewhat unaware in their duties.
Considering Twitter,'' Dhankar explained he came in the varsity therefore your students may possibly receive their amounts and take pleasure in the fruits of the labor and subscribe to modern society.
"In Jadavpur college to ensure the college students will receive their levels and relish the fruits of the labor and subscribe to modern society.  Alas the way into this place from the college is obstructed.  Unwholesome.  No positive purpose by worried understanding.  The painful circumstance," he composed on Twitter.

Jadavpur:Following being exhibited black flags by college students in the Jadavpur University on Tuesday early morning using placards that read"BJP activist Mr Jagdeep Dhankar, proceed straight back ",'' West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar termed the full episode'unwholesome and painful predicament'.

Whilst the juvenile was encouraged for its convocation service of Jadavpur University, aspiring pupils approached him black flags and so were discovered yelling motto --'Dhankar Go back"
In addition, he declared that Jadavpur college vicechancellor has been"the full meltdown of principle of law"

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