Record debt Jagan's only achievement in 6 months: Naidu

 "This usually means monthly that the authorities lacked Rs 3,500 crore monthly but have never undertaken one development job," the pioneer of resistance tweeted.  He published an account posted in a Telugu everyday which their nation has put up a fresh album in borrowing.  Naidu wondered the govt needed to invest five instances from the calendar month of August.
Right after coming into power in May,'' YSRCP'd alleged that Chandrababu Naidu throughout his inaugural principle forced their nation Rs 2.58 lakh crore debts.
Re-leasing white newspaper on country's financing in July,'' Finance Minister B. Rajendranath Red Dy Experienced held Naidu accountable to its fiscal chaos from the nation

The TDP leader mentioned they desired to devote six weeks' time into the brand new administration.  "However from day 1, it embraced destructive strategy.  At some moment when folks are affected, individuals opposition can not sit hence on behalf of all these sufferers we're fighting legally and politically." 

He stated, YSRCP govt, that increased this type of debt,'' had been accusing him of pushing their nation to loans.  "In case you're unable to regulate, accept the information but tend not to discount individuals who have debts," he explained.

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